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Woman pulling gun at shooting range
Woman aiming at target
Pacman Jones ~ 5/24/2020


Rick H. ~ 2/21/2020

"The Burlington area is very fortunate to have a facility such as Flint River Indoor Shooting Range! Very impressive place with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can also purchase anything that is gun related."

"I have not been to a better range!!"

"Very friendly and accommodating staff run by the family members that own it. Very reasonable prices and a nice gun and ammo shop at the same location. Also very clean air in the top notch facility!"

Man shooting handgun
David W. ~ 3/16/2021
Chet McBride ~ 2/13/2020

"Wonderful place to shoot close to home. Friendly and knowledgeable staff reminds me of a mom and pop gun range. Will definitely be coming back more in the future."

Steve S. ~ 2/9/2020

"Five Star facility, staff, and pricing!!!!"

Tom Kuntz ~ 7/5/2019

"We are so fortunate to have an indoor range and gun shop of this outstanding quality in our area. I urge you to go and check them out for yourself - I believe you also will have all kind of praise for what the owners and staff have created."

Chris Heiniger ~ 7/2/2019

"A top notch facility with a friendly staff. Inexpensive compared to any other facility of this type. A nice clean 25 yard indoor range with good functional motorized target holders. Climate controlled, so it's a great way to get out of the weather and do some shooting. Highly recommend."

Donny DeJaynes ~ 9/23/2019

"Only been there once but totally impressed and surprised we have such a great facility in our area, can't wait to go back!"

Colleen Rice ~ 9/22/2019

"Very friendly and informative staff and the range facilities were excellent! We'll definitely be back often!"

Steve F. ~ 10/12/2019

"Great range, knowledgeable friendly staff. Very reasonable."

Mark Edwards ~ 5/29/2019

"First time shooting. I'm hooked! Great facility and very friendly staff. We'll definitely be back"

James Smith ~ 5/8/2019

"Excellent facility, excellent service, excellent experience...thank you. Appreciate having an indoor shooting range in our area."

Woman shooting gun at shooting range
Man in white shirt at shooting range

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